Why “Mobile Friendly” Is No Longer Optional

2015-05-12 05:05:06


If your company website is not already “mobile friendly,” unfortunately you may have lost out on some customers. If customers are attempting to look at a website on their mobile device that is not responsive, it leaves them with a frustrating experience. Based off this negative first experience, it is likely that the customer will take their business to other competitors.

The Google update has modified the way that ranking your website will work. Previously, ranks were based on Search Engine Optimization in conjunction with paid submissions and other organic solutions. Specific key words are tagged on a website, and when a user searches for these specific keywords there is a higher likely-hood that your website will be shown to them. In 2012 at the Google Engage Conference, statistics were shown up to 70% of the Canadian population is engaged in a mobile device. Of this 70%, 97% use their mobile phone at home, 83% on the go, 80% use a smart phone and 79% will not leave the house without their smart phone. These people are using their mobile devices while in stores, at the workplace, restaurants and in airports. 4.8 Billion Canadian Google searches are performed each month. Now, a major emphasis will be heavily weighted on mobile-friendliness. This change is not the final end all for SEO and websites, however over time failure to have a mobile friendly site can put your website at risk for the following:

  1. Losing valuable traffic from customers to your website.
  2. Falling of the first page of rankings when customers are searching for your business or website.
  3. Loss of high quality leads, because mobile visitors are more inclined to physically call or contact you, versus a desktop user.
  4. Having new or existing customers choose competitors because they technologically advanced.

Melcher Studios has the ability to adapt most non-responsive websites to mobile friendly. For more information please contact us at (306) 359-1666.



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