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Melcher Media is a Regina, Saskatchewan interactive agency that provides online solutions and marketing for every size and field of business. Specializing in responsive website design and development, 3d animation, graphic design, online marketing, e-learning, mobile apps and game design, there is little Melcher can’t do to take your business into the future! We pride ourselves on our characteristic balance between the customer-focused dedication only a small business can provide & the visual design quality of a large corporation.

Digital and traditional marketing tactics you’ll need to help choose and develop the right strategic brand and logo identity for your business.

Professional graphic design can enhance promotional material and provide a benefit that goes beyond simple advertising or promotion.

We have developed some of the most polished and comprehensive responsive websites in the prairies for some of the largest (and smallest) companies.

Imagine how your brand can be portrayed in an interactive 3d/2d environment on the PC, web, home consol or mobile device.

Make sure your solution is found – in the search engine marketing industry, we offer a range of services that include search engine optimization, submission, retargeting, pay-per-click and many more!

Reliable, safe, secure managed cloud hosting for websites and email. Cloud hosting will let you have a scalable structure to make sure your solution will meet your needs as you grow.

Update your website easily and quickly yourself! Our custom MelcherCMS (Content Management System) is built on a framework that makes it ultimately scalable and very powerful as well as viewable on mobile devices (responsive). The layout and design are carefully programmed with the newest technologies in Ajax, JavaScript and HTML5 which creates a seamless application for the overall use by the client and end user.


Hyperlocalization - Why It's Important

Hyperlocalization is certainly not a new focus in the world of marketing. We have heard about it for years and have been directing our efforts towards creating a personal experience for consumers.  Think of hyperlocalization as local community marketing. Research around location-based data has shown marketers that there is a lot of information available at hand that will allow brands to build powerful connections with consumers. Hyperlocalization works in such a way that a user’s smart phone, when using an app may request permission to access location data of that phone. Once the user accepts the request, the GPS ...

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Why “Mobile Friendly” Is No Longer Optional

If your company website is not already “mobile friendly,” unfortunately you may have lost out on some customers. If customers are attempting to look at a website on their mobile device that is not responsive, it leaves them with a frustrating experience. Based off this negative first experience, it is likely that the customer will take their business to other competitors. The Google update has modified the way that ranking your website will work. Previously, ranks were based on Search Engine Optimization in conjunction with paid submissions and other organic solutions. Specific key wo...

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