Hyperlocalization - Why It's Important

2015-05-27 03:05:39


Hyperlocalization is certainly not a new focus in the world of marketing. We have heard about it for years and have been directing our efforts towards creating a personal experience for consumers.  Think of hyperlocalization as local community marketing. Research around location-based data has shown marketers that there is a lot of information available at hand that will allow brands to build powerful connections with consumers.
Hyperlocalization works in such a way that a user’s smart phone, when using an app may request permission to access location data of that phone. Once the user accepts the request, the GPS data delivers relevant ads pertaining to that specific location, time and environment. In just four easy steps, Melcher Studios can assist your business in hyperlocal strategies.

  1. Target your audience
    Determining target audience is key in hyperlocalization. Through the use social media as well as Google, posts can be targeted based on location, age, gender, etc. Consider using hyperlocalization ads to help boost content and target your demographic!
  2. Develop hyper-local keywords
    When posting content to your ads, including keywords that are relevant will help consumers find your business in a search engine.
  3. Research local news and develop content
    What major events are going on around your city? Is there a new store opening, or a major baseball championship? Developing content that aligns with your community will allow your business to target the correct demographic. Do your research! What interests your target audience that would engage them into your business?
  4. Socialize your content
    Develop the hyperlocal content for all forms of social media. The content should not be overwhelming for consumers, but should grab their interest and engage them. Post your posts across all social media channels and include a share button!



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