Teaching Math Using Technology

2015-06-25 04:06:39


Data and statistics involve many concepts that students begin to learn as early as the fourth grade. A major teaching objective at this level is for students to become more acquainted at displaying and interpreting data. However, in order for this to be possible the students would have to have a good understanding of bar graphs, line graphs, stem-and-leaf plots and frequency tables. Some of these concepts would have been introduced in previous grades, some of the concepts will be new. 

While such concepts are challenging at this age, it is important to create a “fun factor” for kids. In order to engage students, math games can make learning a tricky subject more enjoyable. Games, flashcards, worksheets and activities are all great ways to interact with students, however, this generation is more inclined to participate if it is an online math game. Online math games take away frustration and provide students with a rewarding experience.  

In this day and age, technology is becoming more and more prominent within schools. Children are using computers, tablets and smart boards as a learning tool on a daily basis. Concrete manipulatives are still relevant and useful in the classroom, nevertheless virtual manipulatives adds to the students experience. It gives students prompt and timely feedback, answers to problems and the ability to self explore.  



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