2015-07-29 06:07:52


Melcher Studios would like to inform the public about a recent project we are undertaking – Mainprize! The objective of this project is to raise awareness about the life of Dr. William Graham Mainprize who went to great lengths to help those in need. He served Midale and surrounding communities for over 50 years despite unfavorable conditions he often incurred. Currently The Midale Museum has a significant amount of space devoted to Dr. Mainprize and Maynard Moser, Doc’s best friend. 

Melcher Studios is looking to introduce a website as well as updated exhibits for the museum in conjunction with a documentary and bursary. In order to do so, we are seeking help from the public. We have created an online funding campaign with more detailed information about the project. To check it out or contribute please visit 

Dr. Mainprize put the interest of those in need before his own, pushing every extent to ensure he could exercise his medical proficiency. Please join us in honouring Dr. Mainprize and ensuring his legacy carries on far into the future, educating and improving the lives of many more generations of students. 



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