Osterhout Design Group just announced sub-$1,000 mixed reality glasses

2017-01-04 04:01:20


Osterhout Design Group just announced sub-$1,000 mixed reality glasses (next generation augmented reality) with the new 10nm Qualcomm Snapdragon inside and I have the first look. See video in this package.

Smaller. Very sharp image. Compare to HoloLens size.

Upload VR has a report with specs here: http://uploadvr.com/ces-2017-odg-r9-r8/

This is a big deal. Shows that mixed reality glasses are coming way down in size.

It is more evidence that the book Shel Israel and I wrote on this topic, "The Fourth Transformation" was perfectly timed. Have you read it? ODG is in there.

Thanks Nima Shams for giving me first look.

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