RCMP Heritage Centre HoloLens Project

2016-08-12 04:08:59


Interactive Agency, Melcher Studios is excited to bring the brand new, state-of-the-art Microsoft HoloLens to Regina in collaboration with the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Melcher Studios has been selected as one of the first interactive developers in Saskatchewan to receive the HoloLens - the very latest in experimental Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.

Dwayne Melcher, President and Partner at Melcher Studios said “This technology is opening doors into a world that could only be dreamed of twenty years ago. We believe the best way to introduce it is by teaming up with the RCMP Heritage Centre. Not only will we be able to educate visitors, but also inspire a new generation of cadets in a never-before seen way”.

Using the new HoloLens technology, Melcher Studios and the RCMP Heritage Centre will be sharing the inner workings deep inside "Depot" Division with guests – young and old alike. This project will have visitors walk into the physical space of a prefabricated old dormitory room where they will then use the HoloLens to interact with a Sergeant Major. Visitors will receive instructions and be inspected by the Sergeant Major as they organize the living quarters according to the strict regiment expected of all cadets. Using advanced technology and sensors, the Sergeant Major will identify how well the visitor sets up the dorm room and will either offer praise or correct them on their work. This is something rarely seen by the public, but was a major feature in the Amazing Race Canada Season 1, Episode 5 "Death by Lentils".

Al Nicholson, CEO of the RCMP Heritage Centre said “Regina is known as the home of the RCMP, where members of the Force have trained since 1885. Being the only one of its kind in Canada, what goes on inside of “Depot” has long been of interest to visitors to Regina and residents. Using the HoloLens, guests will be able to visit the RCMP Heritage Centre and virtually experience firsthand some of the ways Cadets are expected to live and carry themselves”.

Melcher Studios and the RCMP Heritage Centre are proud to be pioneering this technology in Saskatchewan and are very excited to see where it will go in the near future.

For more information, please contact:

Dwayne Melcher
President & CEO
Melcher Studios
(306) 359-1666

Bianca McGregor
Director, Strategic Partnerships
RCMP Heritage Centre
(306) 719-3016



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