Introducing the HoloLens by Microsoft

2016-05-17 22:53:55


Microsoft has released their own solution in holographic computing, the HoloLens, and we at Melcher Studios have reserved our own. The groundbreaking tech works with a Windows 10 operating system and allows for an infinite amount of possibilities. 3D designers will have the ability to view their creations within a holographic 3d space. Holographic computing has a futuristic aesthetic used in television and movies such as the Marvel films in which the characters interact with computers and technology within this fictional high tech universe. This tech, now readily available for consumers, will aid advancements within various industries such as architecture, aeronautics, health & sciences, engineering, and automotive to name a few.

Utilizing gesture and voice controls, an integrated spatial sound system, and enhanced visuals, the HoloLens provides a unique immersive and interactive experience. Microsoft has proven that gesture controls are a successful way to interact with computing systems such as their Kinect technology used in gaming systems such as the X-Box, where the user becomes the controller. Various Microsoft and non-Microsoft owned applications have been developed to further this type of technology for commercialization. Skype, various games, and design applications have been released to aid developers and users in their work.

Employing this technology at Melcher will allow our 3D designers to interact and visualize their designs and models in an enhanced 3D setting rather than a 2D screen. This tech will also allow us to create and explore unique Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions for our clients in addition to our Virtual Reality solutions. 



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