Ludum Dare

2016-01-12 03:01:19


Every year game developers from around the world come together to participate in Ludum Dare, the longest Online Game Jam in the world. Each competition is based on a theme provided by the community and developers are given one weekend to design a game that will be played and critiqued by fellow Ludum Dare gamers. The most recent Ludum Dare competition was held in December 2016 and the theme was two button controls and growing.

Our in-house game developer, Fred West, competed in Ludum Dare and placed 510th out of 2700 gamers overall. Fred’s game, Two Button Gardening, is a simple but fun game that was inspired by old school water toys. Using two button controls, the player must get the water drops into the pot in order for the plant to grow. The goal of the game is to grow the plant without getting a negative score.

Up for the challenge? Play the game here!



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