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2015-03-25 09:03:10


The days of using a phonebook or researching books in the library are becoming more obsolete as technology and the internet expand.  The most convenient source for gathering information is on our tablets, smart phones or computers, making web content more important than ever.   With information constantly changing, it can seem daunting to all, ranging from small business owners to educational facilities and beyond.  To keep up with this demand many organizations and businesses use CMS (content management systems).  CMS is a central interface that stores and organizes data, allowing users to change and update their web content efficiently and easily.

Melcher Studios has built their own customized CMS on a platform that works on all mobile devices and computers. Clients are able to edit, update or change web content easily on their own devices. MelcherCMS also has the added advantage of allowing the client to edit the layout and the content hierarchy.  For example a florist has a promotion that if you spend over $50.00, the customer will receive $10.00 off the next visit.  The florist realizes that many customers are having difficulties finding this promotion and the florist is able to move the promotion information to the top of the home page for easier access.  This promotion has proven successful causing the florist to go onto MelcherCMS and extend the expiry date of the promotion. After this promotion expiries the florist is able to add a new promotional item to the website. All of these revisions can be done on the florist’s schedule, while at work or at home.

MelcherCMS features the ability to customize web pages with over 50 extensions (ie. Shopping carts, calendars, banners, etc.) The program is something that can navigated by beginners to clients with advanced internet and marketing experience.  With ease of editing and conveying information, CMS, is a must have for companies big and small to keep a competitive edge and keep up to date with ever changing information.



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