5 SEO Myths to Forget in the New Year

2015-02-25 08:02:40


  1. There is no reasoning behind SEO, it is strictly magic.

Those people who work in the website industry can testify that this is a total misconception. Over and over again we are able to customize SEO to try and attain results at the expectation of the client. SEO is based on algorithms, allowing us to test different strategies to find out what does or does not work. If SEO was really “magic” it would not work. It would be continual guessing without having the ability to replicate results

  1. SEO results can be achieved at considerably lower rates.

Many clients are unfamiliar with SEO, and how it can drive and promote traffic to a website. The industry is continually evolving, requiring up-to-date knowledge on the changes with algorithm, tools and innovation. Therefore research and testing are crucial for those working in the website industry. When hiring an agency for SEO, you are not just receiving a service but also a knowledge base. There are many fraudulent SEO services out there, preying on smaller businesses with smaller budgets. There services sound appealing at a great price point, however, their model is not in align with Google’s rules and regulations. This will inevitably end up harming your site. Simply put, you cannot buy high quality service, with a high return on investment inexpensively.

  1. Low-cost audits provide relevant results.

Once again, you get what you pay for. If you wish to have someone run a few tools, and provide a brief overview of the results then, and only then are low-cost audits desirable. With this being said, having a poorly done audit can harm a site; the analysis received may render inaccurate data information in which the client acts on. Remember that you are paying for a knowledge base, meaning that whoever you hire should have an excellent understanding of the points on an algorithm, as well as the ins and outs of the necessary tools. When audits are done properly, it can take days and up to weeks to complete the analysis.

  1. Traffic Will Still be Driven to a Site Without Link-Building

Linking plans are essential for directing traffic to a site, it needs the links to compete. This myth has the completely wrong idea. Link-building is essential for a well-positioned and high-traffic site, the acquisition of good link-building will cost money. The perception of this myth is that by building just content, users will come. In reality, it is a vital piece to achieving proper SEO results.

  1. SEO is an insignificant, obsolete practice

This myth is the most overused, originating from people not familiar with the website industry. SEO is just as important as it was two years ago, and just as important as it was five years ago. With this being said, as long as algorithms are used to search and position against a site, SEO will never die. The only difference in SEO over the years is that is now handled more broadly due to various factors.



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