Be Clean - Practice Good Hygiene!

2015-01-26 10:01:20


Practicing good hygiene as a health care professional is essential to keeping yourself, patients and family members free from germs. Washing your hands is an imperative procedure, yet less than 40% of those working in health care wash their hands when required. It is your right as a patient to request that your healthcare provider wash their hands, a simple inquiry has the potential to save lives.

Proper hand hygiene is a very serious issue, due to insignificant or a lack of washing more than 200 000 patients are infected every year while receiving health care in Canada. More than 8 000 of these patients pass away each year.

Tremendous amounts of infectious bacteria cover your hands if they are not properly washed. Not only do you put yourself and patients at risk, but also your family. Failing to wash your hands at appropriate times can lead to negative consequences. Do not forget, you must wash your hands for 20 seconds to ensure they are completely clean and germ free!

Melcher Studios was pleased to work with Kateri Singer - the Manager of the Regional Infection Prevention and Control Department for the RQHR, Karen Bingham Adams – Executive Director for the RQHR Communications, and RQHR Staff in the creation of this 3D animated video. The video 

Check out this video for proper hand hygiene!



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