Advantages of Using 3D Animation

2014-12-24 03:12:29


3D animation, modeling and interactivity is used in a wide array of media formats, ranging from watching a Pixar movie to an online education course on Respiratory Therapy. We view and use these animations every day, but with all these different applications what are the advantages of 3D animation and design?

Accuracy and the lifelike view of 3D animation and interactivity is a major benefit to many industries, most notably the medical and education fields. A student is able to take an on-line course that shows 3D animation of a procedure, the equipment and then this student is able to interact with each of the steps throughout the procedure. Or a doctor is able to review a new piece of equipment that has arrived at a hospital by looking at the 3D step by step instructions of how to operate the equipment.

Another benefit is how 3D animation can be manipulated and viewed from any angle. The use of 3D animation has been around for many years, but in the 1960s, William Fetter, who was an Art Director for Boeing, was one of the first to use 3D animation to manipulate and view the cockpit of Boeing aircrafts. By constructing a 3D animation of a human he was able to find a new way of customizing the layout of the cockpit to fit the pilot.

Lastly 3D animation and interactivity can help bring a competitive edge to many companies. In the saturated on-line world, many companies are trying to find ways to have a leg up on competitor’s websites. One way to grab a customer’s attention is by having eye catching 3D animation to draw them in. It can be taken a step further of having the animation interactive, to keep the customer engaged on the website. A 3D animation can also be a great asset when it comes to trade shows and other sales outlets. For example a car company could take a 3D animation of their vehicle and allow their consumers to view the vehicle in different angles and then allow the consumers to change the colour of the car, and interior and exterior features on a touch screen television. A great visual of this example is

The world of 3D animation, modeling and interactivity is always growing. This industry has changed drastically from the 1960s, but one can only image what new advantages this industry will bring in the years to come.



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