Adaptive / Responsive Websites and Apps

2014-12-10 05:12:50


How important is it with the amount of different devices and mobile systems out there accessing your content?

Web design has shifted – what was once building a website for a desktop/laptop computer has now changed into searching websites on all types of devices and mobile systems. How do companies keep up with this shift? – By developing responsive or adaptive websites and apps.

There is a large debate in the web developing world about which way a company should shift. Without going into this debate both theories do produce many positives for a company. Both adaptive and responsive websites and apps allow for the visitors to have an easier mobile experience by allowing for information to be easier to search and view. Another positive is it reaches customers on many different devices, from laptops to tablets to mobile devices.

Responsive websites and apps allow for images, videos and text to be flexible and to fit on the screen on any device. There are many positives to responsive websites and apps, one positive is responsive websites and apps are much easier to manage. Companies who use responsive websites will only have to manage one website and it will allow a company to save time and overall costs. Another positive is internet search engine Google recommends responsive websites, for it is much easier for both Google and for a company to manage one SEO.

Adaptive websites and apps are tailored to fit a predetermined screen of a device. While this theory is more expensive and complex to develop, it does have many positives. Adaptive websites allow companies to design specific viewpoints for each device. For example an airline will have finding your boarding pass easier to find on a mobile device to allow for easier check-in for guests. Customizing websites and apps also allows for a broader mobile audience and for web pages to load quicker; for example using smaller pixel sizes for pictures or less information needed to upload on a mobile device.

While each theory can be argued to be the better theory. Both theories allow for companies to reach to their customers anywhere and on any device.



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