Using Marketing Data to your Advantage

2014-11-25 08:11:10


How do you make a website stand out? How do you know what will need improvement and what will speak to consumers?  Properly collecting and tracking data solutions will help a company’s business strategy and marketing.  Data can be collected through SEO, looking closely at social media, and looking at the sales of products. The benefits can range from finding marketing trends, growing sales, increasing your knowledge of the market and consumers as well as lowering costs.

SEO can greatly increase the amount of traffic for a website. By tracking key words used in the market, will help better position a website on the most popular search engines. Better positioning will increase the number of users to look at your website.  Another positive of tracking SEO is to look for potential problems that may occur with a website such as accessibility problems.

Social Media is a dynamic way of seeing the thoughts of consumers and seeing how they follow a website, how they engage and what keeps them engaged.  Easily accessible social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allows companies to find out what consumers are interested in and gives more insight into the market and what trends seem to be happening.  Seeing what is “Liked” or “Shared” with Facebook gives free marketing that can be shared with “Friends” at a much faster rate than traditional forms of marketing.  Twitter allows for your consumers to have discussions, follow and create a trust with your company.

Tracking sales and product selection is another great data tool.  Tracking Solutions and Data and How this Data can be Used to Help your Business Strategy and Marketing Tracking inventory shows what products/items should be promoted or discontinued, which will help optimize sales and help keep your costs down.  Identifying patterns also allows more knowledge into the market, by seeing if items are being affected by external factors or something as simple as seasonality.  Tracking sales also allows a company to track customer satisfaction with customer feedback and ratings of the products.



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