Experiential Marketing

2014-09-16 05:09:22


In a world with ever changing technological platforms, experiential marketing is an evolution of what interactive marketing techniques were a few years ago. Experiential marketing focuses on helping consumers experience a brand. It is a hands on approach through the use of multiple senses to fully engage consumers into your brand.

The goal of experiential marketing is to stand out. It creates a tangible presence for consumers, typically in person where they have the ability to touch, feel and view the product in physical space or digitally through the use social media. For example, Samsung Studios was a sponsor for the 2012 Olympics, and therefore created an experiential campaign where they placed various pop-up stores in London to promote this event as well promote their Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. Visitors had the opportunity to play the Olympic game app or have their picture taken on these devices, instantly creating a personalized badge. If consumer’s returned everyday for the duration of the campaign to receive different badges, they would be entered into a contest to win a trip around the world or a Galaxy S3.  Consumers were urged to check out these new devices while Samsung representatives assisted them. This campaign created excitement for all those who participated and gave them a memory to last a lifetime.

When purchasing a product or service, consumers have thousands of different choices. Due to the competitive nature of the marketplace, brands are forced to come up with highly effective campaigns. These campaigns aim to appeal to the emotional and rational sides of consumers, so that their experience of the product is memorable. Marketers control the environment to some extent, but want consumers to make their own judgements of the product. Despite previous knowledge and feedback consumers have, their personal interaction with the product will prompt them to continue buying and inevitably create brand loyalty. Experiential marketing is the newest, most innovative way to enhance brand loyalty.



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