Watch It Work For You

2014-09-02 05:09:06


Think your business could use a little boost in the marketing department? Melcher Studios has a solution for you! YouTube Ad Campaigns are a great resource to effectively market your business and in return, create brand awareness and loyalty with your customers.

The internet has been turned into a social setting where many humans spend a lot of their time; they are looking for some type of information or entertainment.  By creating a short clip, your audience has the option to either skip or view the ad before their desired video is ready. The best part about this campaign is that you pay for the amount of impressions your ad receives. If the viewers decide to skip your ad, you are not stuck with any costs!

YouTube Ad Campaigns are aimed at industries specific to your business. Based on a consumers browsing history, we have the ability to target consumers in the market who are viewing competing goods and services or similar products.  Not only can we target specific areas within Saskatchewan, areas all around the world with access to YouTube will have the opportunity to view your ad as well!

YouTube Ads create brand awareness and loyalty through driving more traffic to your website. Regardless if the person chose to watch the entire ad, they may be prompted at a later time to go back, view your site and become potential customers! SEO options are available for YouTube ads that will provide measurable results through Google analytics. Watch your YouTube ad work!



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