Time to Get Your Game On

2016-03-29 08:02:01


Gamification is the new kid on the educational experience block. Recent studies suggest that embracing gaming in the educational and work settings promotes competition, allows organizations to quantify and measure results, delivers almost instantaneous feedback, and improves information retention.

Organizations in various sectors of the economy are recognizing the impact gamification has in training and organizational initiatives by combining game interaction, social networking and analytics. It is no secret that the teaching/learning process is often dull, data starved and overly mechanical, “which depresses student engagement and makes the linking of training results to business value difficult.” Conversely, gamification heightens the learning experience by leveraging the power of digital technology and intrinsic motivators such as: providing instantaneous feedback, heightening social interaction, and rewarding even tiny steps of progress. Further, skills required for video games mirror how skills are developed in real life, leading to higher operational productivity and employee engagement. And, from both an employer and employee perspective, gaming allows skill testing prior to engaging with the consumer – win-win. 

Game on.



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