New Interactive Tablet Brochures

2013-01-30 12:01:46


Regina-based Melcher Studios has launched a new tool for all businesses and promotional ventures to refresh the classic brochure and bring it into the next generation.

Essentially Melcher has captured a structured yet animated and interactive marketing message and begun to enable their clients to showcase an innovative side to their presentations and advertisements. Its an interactive touch screen or mouse click application that can be loaded to tablets (including iPad, Samsung, Acer as well as others).

Insightwest Research, one of Melcher Studios’s clients, has had an Interactive Brochure developed to provide a tour to their clients and stakeholders of the specific messaging and information they feel is most impactful to new and / or returning viewers. A demonstration of this customer application can be VIEWED HERE. You can also see other tablet brochures on their YouTube channel as well.

Melcher Studios is very excited about adding this tool to more of its exiting and future customer base as it the Saskatchewan firm believes that the Interactive Brochure will be very effective in sales presentations, publishing reports, socializing corporate information and adding an extra “touch” of innovation and quality to proposals.



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